Excel Tips & Tricks

Here are some Excel tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help you learn the ins and outs of Excel:

Valuable Excel Keystroke Shortcuts…

Ctrl+1                                      activate the Format Cells dialog box

Alt+semicolon                         select just the visible cells within a selected range of cells

Just what’s needed when you want to copy data that has hidden rows or columns within the selected data and you do not want to copy the hidden data

Ctrl+Alt+v                                activate the Paste Special dialog box

Ctrl+semicolon                        enter the current date into the current cell

Ctrl+Shift+&                            apply a thin perimeter border to the selected cells

Ctrl+Shift+#                            apply the d-mmm-yy format, like 31-Aug-16


Valuable Excel Techniques

To copy a format from one cell to another, select the cell with the format you want to copy and then right-drag its border to another cell; when you release the right mouse button, select Copy Here as Formats Only.

To quickly zoom in and out on a worksheet, keep the Ctrl key held down as you move the mouse wheel.

Right-click on the navigation arrows located in the lower left corner of a worksheet to get a vertical list of the first 16 worksheets in the current workbook.

To copy a worksheet, hold down the Ctrl key as you drag a sheet to another location; be sure to release the mouse button before the Ctrl key

To align the edges of an object (picture, ClipArt, etc.) with cell boundaries, keep the Alt key held down as you drag an edge of the object.