Excel On-Site Training

Excel classes presented at your office might be your best training solution when you need timely, interactive instruction focused on the specific needs of your group. If you prefer a hands-on presentation where each person has a computer, or if you simply want to watch and learn as Excel features are being demonstrated, you’ll have the benefit of asking pertinent questions as well as those critical follow-up questions that give you the added depth you need.

The half-day classes listed elsewhere on this site serve as a starting point for the kind of sessions you’ll want to structure for your group. A major benefit of on-site training is that it can be customized to use your organization’s files in class examples; the learning curve rises dramatically compared to typical training that uses unfamiliar generic files.

On-site training tends to work best with class sizes under 20.

  • Discover the real power of this popular, under-utilized software.
  • Get an immediate return on your investment as you learn efficient, powerful tips, tricks, and techniques to save you hours every week.
  • Sessions are fast-paced and based on topics most relevant to today’s business users.
  • Condensed versions can also be presented to multiple locations as webinars
Don’t miss the chance to have any or all of the following unique Excel courses presented at your site:

Excel Power Tips

This unique half-day course is filled with dozens of tips (not found in standard courseware) that let you achieve immediate productivity gains. Most Excel users are not using the full power of this software – you need these shortcuts and techniques that make you a proficient and powerful Excel user. Learn to display formulas instantly, audit formulas with keystroke shortcuts, build date lists effortlessly, copy/move/paste with simple dragging, and adjust values without formulas. You’ll also get a list of over 100 Excel keystroke shortcuts.

Excel Functions and Formulas

Don’t have time to explore Excel’s 450+ functions? This half-day class focuses on productive timesaving functions that every power user of Excel needs, as well as formula-building and trouble-shooting techniques. Master the intricacies of IF and VLOOKUP and the related INDEX and MATCH functions. Learn about AND, OR, RANK, the COUNTIF/SUMIF family of functions, rounding, statistical, and financial functions, powerful text functions, date/time functions, and newer Excel functions, like TEXTJOIN, SWITCH, CONCAT, IFS, AGGREGATE, and Dynamic Array functions (UNIQUE, SORT, FILTER, RANDARRAY, and others).

Excel Data Management Tools

This half-day class explores all of the techniques needed to create, modify, build, and manage lists in Excel.
Learn all about validating data, sorting, adding subtotals, identifying and/or eliminating duplicate records, filtering, and how (and why) to convert data into a table and how to use slicers with tables. Use specialized database functions, apply trouble-shooting functions and Flash Fill to clean up downloaded data, and get database design tips.

Excel Pivot Tables

This half-day class gives you dozens of techniques and tips to get the most out of Excel’s most powerful analytical tool. Learn how to summarize voluminous data into concise tables that reveal the relationship between multiple data categories. Pivot Tables present new creative opportunities for unparalleled data analysis.

Customized Excel Classes

Publicly offered classes often contain topics that don’t fit your needs and they use sample files designed for a general audience. For real productivity, you need training on topics that you select and based on files used in your organization. For a more relevant and accelerated learning experience, ask about how you can have just the class you need – delivered in a timely fashion using your files.

All sessions cover Excel versions 2019, 2016, 2013, or Office 365 as needed.   All Classes are half-day.

Sessions are taught by Dennis Taylor, author/presenter of 50+ Excel video/CD courses and author of Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 2000. Author/presenter of over 750 Excel webinars to thousands of attendees; taught hundreds of public Excel seminars in the US and Canada in recent years.

View sample Excel training videos:    www.linkedin.com/learning/instructors/dennis-taylor